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Snippet & Ink - DIY Greenery Lights

DIY Greenery Lights

These images are from a wedding DIY inspiration brought to you by Emmily of Gatherist, Ashley of Tinge Floral, and myself.  It's always nice to collaborate with local vendors and it's extra nice when your work gets featured on lovely blogs like Snippet & Ink!

Brides, this is such a simple, gorgeous way to add the softness of natural foliage to your reception room or your outdoor dinner space.  Let your imagination take off...the sky's the limit for what you can do with foraged greenery as wedding decor.

Emmily describes step-by-step below...


Bulb Lighting, Greenery, Floral Cutters, Waterproof Floral Tape, Power Source

Step 1 - Forage your greenery.  There is so much goodness to gather right in our backyards.  Greens that work well are:  Smilax Vine and Silver Dollar Eucalyptus.  TIP - When foraging, be sure to test out your greens to see how long they last outside of water.

Step 2 - Hand your lights.  These are fairly inexpensive online or in stores.  You can also rent them through your local party rental shop.  You can choose to run them perpendicular to tables or parallel, both will look great.  We've hung them parallel to the table for this.  

Step 3 - Attach greens with floral tape.  You'll want to place them all in the same direction so it appears natural and organic, as if the vines have been living on those lights for years.  Also, allow a little hang, don't feel like you need to fasten them completely to the light strand.  Allow for an organic drape.

Step 4 - Turn on light...stand in awe at the ambiance you crated so effortlessly.