Abstract Brown Horse
Brown and White Horse in Green Pasture
Horses Grazing in the Fog
Horses in a Field Photograph
White Horse in the Fall
Gray Horse Grazing in Black and White
Horse in Pasture Photograph
Gray Horse Grazing
Equine Fine Art Print
White Horse in Julian, California
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The Horse


Horses are in my blood.  I guess it comes from my grandmother who grew up in Texas around horses.  My mom would always say that when my grandmother was little "she rode like the wind" referring to her galloping her horse wherever she went.  

When I was one year old, I was lucky enough to have a sister, who at thirteen, convinced my parents to get a horse. They bought Danny, a 10 year old bombproof gelding.  My mom use to put me in front of her on the saddle and we would ride Danny for miles.  That sweet boy would live to be thirty-five.  

All little girls want a pony.  My parents happen to see my love for horses and at the age of five gave me my own Shetland pony named Cinnamon.  I later added "Buns" to her name to make her sound more fancy.  I've had numerous horses in my life since then.  Today, I have two geldings.  They are half brothers named Austin and Anton.  

The Horse collection of photographs was inspired by my love for these amazing creatures.  Mysterious animals that are fast, powerful, and athletic, but can be extremely gentle and kind. 

Images are printed on acid-free, fine art paper with an elegantly textured 100% cotton base in natural white.  Prints are signed by me and are unframed.  Don't hesitate to reach out for custom print sizes. 

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