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Wanderlust [won-der-luhst]


1.  a strong, innate desire to travel about.

Wanderlust is a collection of fine art photographs inspired by my travels.

I had no idea I loved to travel so much until I took German in high school and participated in a summer exchange program to Germany when I was a sophomore.  I loved it so much I wanted to go again.  My parents approved as long as I paid my own way the second time.  After that trip I was hooked!

My husband and I had the amazing opportunity to live in Grenada, West Indies, when we were just married.  It is a second home to us now and we have been back many times since.  We were forever impacted by the islands people and beauty and the slow pace of life.  We traveled to as many Caribbean islands as we could in those years.  His studies then took us to England where we lived for six months.  We were lucky enough to immerse ourselves in British culture, see a lot of the country, and travel to France, Germany, and Ireland during that time. 

Our travels now usually revolve around surfing.  We are both from Southern California so the ocean was always a big part of our lives.  We both love to surf and even went surfing on our first date.  Needless to say we miss it quite a bit now that we are living in Utah.  Portugal, Costa Rica, and Mexico are our current favorite surf destinations.  Places we hope to surf one day...New Zealand and Guadeloupe.      


Images are printed on acid-free, fine art paper with an elegant texture 100% cotton base in natural white.  Prints are signed by me and are unframed.  Don't hesitate to reach out for custom print sizes.

Visit my print shop to see fine art photographs created in foreign lands and at home.