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This collection of photographs is inspired by my love for design and decorating.  I have always liked negative space in art.   And I have always loved minimal but cozy and warm interior design and decor. I think these prints represent both. 

I love clean white walls and rich textures, and I love including natural materials in our home.  Some of my favorites to incorporate are light aged wood, velvet, linen, wool, and other natural fibers.  Neutral color palettes are my preference.  You may choose a print with a calm color palette or a more colorful palette to complement any wall in your home. 

My mini square prints are simply the image printed small with a large white border.  The image is printed as a 3x3 on a final print size of an 8x8.  

My diptych prints are inspired by my travels.  They visually tell a story for the viewer.  Sometimes the images are related and sometimes completely unrelated.  The tonal palettes are complimentary.  The duo of photographs are printed small with a large white border.  Each of the two images are printed as 4.5x6 on a 16x20.


Images are printed on acid-free, fine art paper with an elegantly textured 100% cotton base in natural white.  Prints are signed by me and are unframed.  


Visit my print shop to see fine art photographs inspired by my love of design and decor.