Unconventional Bridal Gown
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Unconventional Bridal Gown

Reed grasses that grow alongside the roads in Utah were the inspiration for this editorial.  I have always loved their feathery light quality as they sway in the breeze.  I had the idea of creating a skirt with the grass feathers and ran the idea by Nicole from Soil & Stem to see if she was up for the challenge.  She did an amazing job bringing my vision to life!  

As a bride I believe it's important to make your wedding day your own and think outside the box.  If that means wearing something made from a nonconventional material, then do it!  It's okay not to follow tradition.  Don't be afraid to start your own traditions!

Marsala was the color of the year so we wanted to incorporate shades of that color throughout the floral design, the bride's lip color, the calligraphy ink, and the macarons.  Lilacs were also in season so including them was a must.  By using a splash of one color throughout your event decor, or a couple of colors in the same tonal palette, a wedding story in photographs will be cohesive and lovely.  

Texture is also a way to make an impact in decor so we included velvet, linen, silk, and the reed feathers.  Remember that texture adds a personal touch and visual interest to your celebration and will enhance the experience for your guests making for a memorable wedding day.

It's always a pleasure to collaborate with Nicole.  She is one of my favorite florists.  Click HERE to see another one of our collaborations.