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DIY Twig Star

I was asked by Snippet & Ink to create an easy holiday DIY to be featured on their lovely blog. Since it was December I knew it might be hard to use natural materials.  I live in Park City at about 7000 feet elevation so that limits what I have on hand.  I was walking outside one day and it hit me...I'd use the long flowery part of the wild sagebrush that we have growing everywhere.  The long stems would be perfect for the rustic hanging star that I wanted to make.  

Linen twine
Floral cutters & a scissor
Foraged twigs/greenery

Step 1: Forage plant product containing straight parts that can be made into a star. I used the long flowering part of wild sagebrush. // Step 2: Cut 5 pieces of the plant that are close to the same size. Straight pieces are easier to work with but curved pieces can make for charming stars as well. I kept some sage leaves and seed pods attached at the base to give the pieces character and a natural, organic feel. // Step 3: Tie and knot each point of the star with fine linen twine. I attached a base end to a flower end so each star point would have the sagebrush flowers included. // Step 4: When you are tying the last piece weave it with the other pieces to the keep the stars shape. It will collapse otherwise. // Step 5: Hang stars anywhere you like…ceremony backdrop, chair decor, bring them inside for table centerpiece decor. The options are endless.